The Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a BT4L Coach

1. Use a proven system that delivers breakthrough results in record time
2. Build a full- or part-time business doing work that makes a difference
3. Expect referrals from clients delighted at the results they’ve achieved
4. Gain instant credibility as part of an established brand
5. Receive referrals from the academy (and from other BT4L coaches)
6. Work globally with virtual clients or locally in person
7. Lead small group programs or work one-to-one
8. Become a one-program specialist or develop a broad base of expertise
9. Use the skills you’ve acquired to kick-start your business
10. Become part of a global community committed to transformation

The BT4L approach to coaching makes other systems seem pointless.

Kate Mulcahy, Head of Training & Development, HP

Why is BT4L certification different?

At the BT4L Coaching Academy you don’t learn a generic approach to coaching.
You learn how to coach programs that you know make a difference.

Results-Based Coaching

Every BT4L program is designed to keep busy clients engaged, focused and on track so that the promised results are delivered.

Rapid Skill-Building

Every program is designed to give clients the breakthrough thinking skills they need to address the challenge they identified at the outset.

100% Relevant Content

Every program is 100% focused on the current challenges clients are facing and the outcomes they need to produce.

Becoming a BT4L-Accredited Coach: 3 Steps
Phase I

Phase I: Experience

Successfully complete a program as a client and experience its impact first-hand: this is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to become a certified BT4L coach.
phase ii

Phase II: Observe

Observe clients being coached each week to deliver the desired result and attend real time ‘Coaching Fundamentals’ sessions to understand the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.
phase iii

Phase III: Lead

Dive in and lead your own programs under the supervision of academy founder Caitlin Miller until you meet the required standards for certification.

Becoming a BT4L Coach: Phase I

Before you can learn to lead a program it makes sense that you experience its power first. (In fact, the academy began in precisely this way: clients wanted to give others access to the tools and techniques that had benefited them so much.)

Every BT4L program is specifically designed to produce a pre-defined result. At the outset of each program clients outline in detail the result that must be achieved by the end of the program and then work the steps each week to make it happen.

Successful delivery of your own ‘other side of possible’ breakthrough result is a key prerequisite if you wish to become a certified coach for any particular program. It demonstrates that you have a basic understanding of how to apply the breakthrough thinking tools and techniques that you learned.


Becoming a BT4L Coach: Phase II

Now that you know the program works, it’s time to go behind the scenes to understand what makes those results happen.

At this stage you will observe Caitlin Miller first-hand as she coaches virtual groups each week to produce their own breakthroughs.

During this phase you will see how Caitlin prepares for and guides each session to a successful conclusion. You will be given the opportunity at the end of each client session to ask questions and clarify your understanding of your role as a coach at that point.

You will also watch the weekly videos containing the core content and observe how Caitlin guides participants to ensure everyone moves forward at the required pace.

In addition, during Phase II you will attend the BT4L Coaching Fundamentals program so that you understand not only what Caitlin is doing but why she is doing it.


Becoming a BT4L Coach: Phase III

Once you are clear on the structure and principles that account for the program’s success, you will be ready to dive in and practice applying those principles.

Part One of Phase III begins with a high degree of supervision. Once you have successfully guided your first individual client or small group through the program (with weekly support and guidance from Caitlin) your performance and comfort level will be assessed.

If you are ready to proceed, Part Two of Phase III begins. (For those who are ready, Part Two may begin before Part One has ended.) In Part Two supervision will be significantly reduced. Once Caitlin and yourself agree that you are ready to coach completely unsupervised, you will become certified to lead this particular program.

The certification program is designed to move at a pace that is right for you. If you need additional guidance, a personalized support plan will be agreed during Phase III until you are 100% ready to lead programs without supervision.


Do you Have What it Takes to Become a BT4L Coach?

  • Do you have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a senior- or mid-level executive?
  • Are you accustomed to operating in roles that require you to deliver measurable results within a pre-determined time frame?
  • Have you successfully completed (as a participant) the program you wish to lead?

If you answered yes to all three questions, get in touch to join the next scheduled program.

BT4L Coaching Academy or Traditional Coaching Academy? You Choose

Traditional Coaching Academy

Time: In a traditional coaching academy you can expect to spend 350 hours over a period of 9 months – two years to become a certified coach. You will be expected to travel to in-person retreats or seminars that can be time-consuming and costly.

The BT4L Coaching Academy

Time: Focusing on one specific program at a time, you can become a highly skilled, accredited BT4L coach more quickly. Virtual programs are also easier to integrate into your life. View individual certification program pages for time scales.

Launching your business: Once you graduate, it can be a long slog to build a coaching business from scratch if you cannot easily differentiate yourself from all the other coaches out there. This is especially difficult if you are a new coach without a proven track record. It is not uncommon for new coaches to take up to 5 years to establish a new coaching practice. (Add this time to the 2 years it often takes to become accredited using the traditional approach.)

Launching your business: The minute you are accredited, you have a world-class program ready to offer clients. Having a five star program to offer makes it easy for you to quickly build a strong reputation, even if you have never coached before.

Results: When you qualify from a generic coaching certification program, the responsibility for producing breakthrough results for your client falls entirely on your shoulders. Like any new profession, you should expect client experiences to vary greatly as you gain the necessary experience flying solo. This puts your focus on you (instead of on the client).

Results: When you become a certified BT4L coach, you start your business with ground-breaking, tried-and-tested programs that are structured to produce measurable results time and time again. This means that there is very little pressure on you to ‘make it happen’. The program is designed to do the heavy lifting. Your job is to guide your clients, checking that they complete each step correctly along the way so that they achieve the goal established at the outset.

Marketing: Once you emerge as a qualified coach, you face the daunting task of marketing you, which is a very, very hard thing to do. Figuring out how to differentiate yourself as a new coach and convince clients that you are right for them is an additional skill-set that needs to be learned on top of becoming a coach. Selling yourself is the hardest thing to do in the world, and unappealing to many professionals.

Marketing: As a BT4L coach your focus is on the programs, not yourself. The academy (and Caitlin) will be building brand awareness on your behalf and recommending you to global clients who are interested in programs for which you are certified. Caitlin plans to publish 8-10 books in the next 7 years, and readers will be looking for coaches.

Fees: In a traditional coaching academy you can expect to pay as much as $8,000/£6,000 for a high quality coaching program.

Fees: Because accreditation occurs on a program-by-program basis, you can expect to pay a lot less than you would in a traditional coaching academy. Coaching certification fees vary from program to program depending on their complexity and duration.

The BT4L accreditation model also makes it possible for you to launch your coaching practice much earlier: if you wish, you can be earning money from one program while learning how to coach another. (Should you decide to focus on one program, that is absolutely fine.)

Programs currently available for certification can be viewed on the Coach Certification Programs page.

how much does it cost to become a BT4L certified coach?

Every BT4L certification is 100% focused on showing you how to effectively lead a particular program. Since every program in the BT4L curriculum is unique in terms of complexity and duration, the fees will found on the certification page for each program.

A list of programs currently available for certification can be found on the Coach Certification Programs page.

What type of BT4L coach do you want to be?


Jane runs her coaching practice in the evenings and weekends on top of her full-time role as an executive. She specializes in helping clients to discover their North Star.


Stefano built up his client base until he felt confident enough to take the plunge and become self-employed. He currently specializes in Decide (LIFE) and is currently in the process of becoming a BT4L LIFE accredited coach specializing in all three steps of the BT4L system.


Jay chooses to run his coaching practice 2 days a week on top of an existing consulting business that takes up 3 days of his time. He specializes in various BT4L WORK Power Gems that are a natural fit with his existing business.


Maria chose to dive in and build her business on a full-time basis from scratch. She is an accredited BT4L LIFE and ISSUE-BUSTING coach whose goal is to ultimately become accredited in every BT4L category.


Chris has a vision to set up a very particular business in the future. He is currently becoming accredited in Decide (LIFE) so that he can replace his existing part-time consulting role with a role that is better paid and more fulfilling.

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