BT4L BODY Programs Show You How To

  • Stop tolerating discomfort and get out of pain
  • Tackle the issues that sabotage your attempts to get healthy and well
  • Get help creating the time you need to get your health on track
  • Break the cycle of self-loathing and recrimination that willpower-based programs produce
  • Find a way through a health crisis
  • Identify the right goals and tackle them in the right order for accelerated results
  • Achieve dramatic results using a reasonable approach.
    (just 1lb a week = 50lb per year)
  • Create a program that has ‘stickability’ because it’s enjoyable and easy to follow
  • Retrain your body to sleep well again
  • Unwind the patterns of stress that are causing dis-ease
  • Develop creative health strategies that work for your available time and budget

BT4L BODY Programs Use a 3-Step Process


Identify the right health goal for right now.


Map out a plan that maximizes motivation and keeps you on track.


Use breakthrough thinking to overcome challenges and deliver the goal.

As I was working through the Decide (LIFE) program it became very clear that the most important breakthrough I needed to focus on first was getting my health issues resolved. (My mind was pushing me to take my career to the next level but it was impossible for me to think straight or interview well because I was in so much pain.)

I used the issue-busting approach of BT4L BODY to take control of the situation by actively leading my doctor and other healthcare professionals so that a real solution could be found.

Now that I’m pain-free and able to sleep well again each night, I’m using the same tools I learned in BT4L BODY to focus on making the career leap that I want so much. This journey has taught me an invaluable lesson: the importance of not letting your mind set your goals.

AC, Senior Manager, Engineering Industry

Popular BT4L BODY topics include

  • 90 days to a healthier you
  • Finding the time to get healthy
  • Change your habits, change your health
  • How to sleep well again in 30 days or less
  • Getting back on track: issue-busting for health
  • From stressed to strong
  • Bouncing back from adrenal burnout
  • Over or under? Getting help for your thyroid

Interested in finding out more?

  • All BT4L BODY programs are currently led by Caitlin Miller.
  • Caitlin offers a free ‘no strings’ 20-minute consultation to get clear on your current situation and make a recommendation.
  • From time to time free webinars are offered on BT4L BODY topics. You can view the Webinars page to see if any are currently scheduled.

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