BT4L LIFE is for you if

  1. You’re frustrated in your current role
  2. You want to find a new job or switch career paths entirely
  3. You’re still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up
  4. You need help getting clear on what’s next
  5. You know what you want to do but can’t figure out how to do it
  6. You need to create a life that’s more fulfilling but still pay the bills
  7. You know something’s missing from your life, but not sure what
  8. You’re eager to start a new business or a challenging new project
  9. You want to raise your game at work without working longer hours
  10. You want to work less hours yet be more successful

DECIDE taught this scientist and businesswoman a completely new approach to goal setting. The content was new, and the sessions highly practical. I left each one buzzing with motivation to implement ideas. DECIDE is perfect for senior execs looking to identify a new challenge or change tracks; and for anyone who, like me, needs the next challenge to also be more personally fulfilling. Specifically designedfor busy people, I highly recommend this program.

Senior manager, Biotech, East Coast, U.S

getting clear on what’s next

the problem
Why do more than 90% of people who think for a living choose the wrong goals – then beat themselves up for not achieving them? The answer is decisions. Decision-making is the mother of all blind spots: we don’t know that we don’t know the right way to make decisions, and so we keep on making decisions that keep us locked into the same kind of life. Decisions are the building blocks: change your decisions, change your life.

the solution
BT4L LIFE – DECIDE is packed with breakthrough thinking techniques that convey instant clarity and power. It reveals the blind spots that are keeping you stuck and explains why you do what you do. More importantly, it gives you a new way of making decisions you can always trust. If it’s time to get clear on what’s next, or to transition into a new future, this program is for you.

program content

  • Introduction to whole-brained thinking
  • Why you can’t trust the half-brained decisions you make
  • Getting clear on why you’re here (discovering your North Star)
  • Unlocking your personal aliveness equation
  • Creating a map of the uncharted seas
  • Competing priorities: how to choose your first breakthrough
  • Three breakthroughs, one year: using the power of 90 days
  • Deciding what’s next: your first 90-day breakthrough goal

step 1

  • View 10 video tutorials
  • Complete personal assignments
  • Attend 10 weekly coaching sessions
  • 60 mins for 1:1 programs
  • 90 mins for small group programs
  • Virtual via videoconference

planning for the unplannable

the problem
So you’re clear on where you want to go – but how the heck do you get there? The biggest mistake smart people make is mistaking a plan for a strategy. That fire in your belly that you’ve unleashed can be all too easily extinguished by the setbacks that are inevitable and part of the journey – unless you plan for them. That is what you will do in Step 2.

the solution
When the journey to the future is a simple straight line, a plan is fine. But how do you plan when all you can see are issues and roadblocks wherever you look? You don’t. Instead, you strategize, highlighting the potential roadblocks that lie ahead that threaten to derail you. In DESIGN you will learn a new way of planning for the future that will keep you motivated, on track and in control every step of the way.

program content

  • Charting the right route from ‘here’ to ‘there’
  • Why project plans and excel spreadsheets don’t produce breakthroughs
  • How to create a whole-brained 90-day strategy document
  • Checking your strategy for robustness
  • Converting key players into willing followers
  • Why time is never the issue (and how to steal it)
  • Introduction to issue-busting 101
  • Making space for your breakthrough
  • Setting yourself up for success in Step 3

step 2

  • View 5 video tutorials
  • Complete personal assignments
  • Attend 5 weekly coaching sessions
  • 60 mins for 1:1 programs
  • 90 mins for small group programs
  • Virtual via videoconference

delivering an 'other side of possible' result

the problem
You’ve decided what the right breakthrough goal should be for an area of your life or your life as whole. You’ve created a plan to make it happen. Now it’s time to commit. But how do you actually get ‘there’ from ‘here’? How do you produce a 90-day ‘other side of possible’ breakthrough result that you know you don’t know how to make happen? How do you raise your game so that your skills match the level of challenge you have set yourself?

the solution
You hire a coach to run alongside you in real time. Meeting weekly, you will develop the skill you need to tackle the challenges before you, just as you did in Steps 1 and 2. Setting yourself bigger challenges without increasing your ability to make them happen sentences you to a life of slogging your way to the finish line (or worse – failure). In DELIVER you will begin to actually a build a future that is more fulfilling, more satisfying and more rewarding by learning how to make stuff happen.

program content

  • Committing to your breakthrough result
  • The power of the captain’s log
  • Getting from ‘here’ to ‘there’: issue-busting in action
  • Communicating for results
  • Declaring breakdowns & changing the game
  • Creating relationships that rock
  • How to stay in control
  • Level 2 leadership: leading others
  • Managing milestones

step 3

  • View 14 video tutorials
  • Complete personal assignments
  • Attend 14 weekly coaching sessions
  • 60 mins for 1:1 programs
  • 90 mins for small group programs
  • Virtual via videoconference

Want to know more about the BT4L system? Download the pdf here.