Leadership is as important in the bedroom as it is in the boardroom. The same skills that allow you to build a world-class team or to create a truly innovative product make it possible for you to create relationships in your personal life that are equally successful.

Close relationships present an unavoidable mirror that signals where growth is needed.

How do you deal with disrespect, disappointment and disagreement? How do create a family culture in which everyone thrives? When is the right time to call it quits on a relationship? How can you engage powerfully with children, regardless of their age? How can you tell if a partner is a genuine match for you? How can you break the patterns that cause drama and frustration?

All of these questions and more are answered in BT4L LOVE. Programs are custom-designed to suit your particular challenge and desired outcome.

BT4L LOVE Programs Use a 3-Step Process


Identify an ‘other side of possible’ goal you need to achieve.


Create a strategy that is capable of making it happen.


Break old habits and make the lifestyle changes to deliver the goal.

I knew my relationship with my partner was making me miserable but I had no idea how much it was impacting my performance at work.

Using the tools that BT4L LOVE provided, I now have the awareness and skill to not only maintain a healthy home life, but to build more powerful working relationships with my direct reports and peers. These are life skills that everyone needs.

MW, VP, Banking

Popular BT4L LOVE topics include

  • Learn to create relationships that rock
  • Leave the drama at the door
  • Family dynamics
  • Communicating for results (personal)
  • Breaking the patterns that keep you stuck
  • Dating for grown-ups
  • It starts with you: learning to love yourself
  • Letting go, moving on