The right kind of support, right when you need it

The feminine journey is a complex one and the time will come when you will find yourself going through a rite of passage, and all alone.

Even though others may understand your situation, their answers may not resonate as true for you. What do you do?

Step 1: Reach out for a free 20-minute consultation. Once your coach has a clear picture of the territory in which you find yourself, they will recommend a customized, modular plan designed to help you successfully navigate your way through.

Step 2: Review the plan your coach has designed to ensure it delivers the specific outcome you desire (or better). Depending on your situation, the plan may consist of an entire BT4L solution (like BT4L LIFE Decide, for instance); or it may be comprised of Power Gems on a variety of topics (like Love, Body, etc).

The recommendation you receive will depend on the nature of the problem that caused you to reach out, plus the results you seek.

Step 3: Get going. Along the way, you will be given opportunities to evaluate the progress you are making and to adjust the plan if necessary.

BT4L SHE Programs Use a 3-Step Process


Identify a result you really want to produce.


Identify a route that has the best chance of success.


Use breakthrough thinking to make it happen.

What a powerful experience: BT4L SHE helped me to peel back the layers of ‘learned leadership’ to reveal a more authentic, more powerful me. I had no idea how much I was holding myself back. I am happier, my team is more productive and the results speak for themselves.

SH, VP, hi-tech industry

Popular BT4L SHE topics include

  • Leading as you (not impersonating others)
  • Getting the rewards at work that you deserve
  • Managing your health and managing stress
  • Returning to work after raising a family
  • Creating powerful relationships at home and at work
  • Creating self-managing teams and not over-working
  • Remaining emotionally healthy in difficult situations
  • Your kids are not your purpose
  • Dealing with loss and grief of all kinds
  • Bringing feminine wisdom to a masculine world
  • How to raise a family and not get lost
  • Removing the mask to be who you are
  • Attracting a partner who’s worthy of you
  • Communicating with others in a powerful way
  • Breaking habits that limit the life that you lead
  • Mid-life and menopause: making it work