If you’re still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up or trying to figure out what this next phase of your life is about, it’s time to discover your North Star.

Just as Polaris is the only star in the Northern Hemisphere that doesn’t move, your inner North Star acts as an unwavering reference point.

Your North Star governs how you are compelled to contribute. Everyone has a North Star. It’s not something you make up: it’s already there, trying to act through you. When it can’t find sufficient avenues, life feels ‘off’.

Connecting to your North Star is the first important step in defining and designing a life that makes sense. Discover yours today!

Everyone has a North Star


Fact #1 When you succeed in creating a version of your life that allows the expression of your North Star to the degree that you want, everything just feels right.
When you don’t, everything feels ‘off’, no matter how many things (or people) you acquire.

Fact #2 Everyone has a North Star: a particular way of contributing, that makes others’ lives easier, and yours fulfilled.

Fact #3 You don’t get to invent your North Star. It’s already encoded within you, waiting to be expressed.

Fact #4 Discovering your North Star isn’t about tearing up your life to join the circus. It’s about recognizing the many opportunities that exist to make your life ultimately more satisfying, more rewarding, more alive.

Fact #5 It’s never too late to discover your North Star!

Are you ready to discover
your North Star?


Discover your North Star

There are five different ways to discover your North Star:

Option 1: Read Caitlin’s new book and work your way through the exercises by yourself. ‘Discover What You’re Here To Do: Solving The Mystery Of What Makes You ‘You’ will be on the bookshelves in September. If you’d like to receive a free advance copy, click the button below.
Option 2: Read the book and work your way through the video tutorial program (coming soon!)
Option 3: Augment Option 2 with live (virtual) 1:1 coaching sessions with Caitlin Miller – 5 x 50-minute sessions
Option 4: Augment Option 2 with live (virtual) small group coaching sessions (3-4 people)
Option 5: Ask your employer to sponsor a Discover your North Star program


Option 1: $15.99/£9.99
Option 2: $389.00/£299.00
Option 3: $1,889.00/£1,450.00
Option 4: $889.00/£685.00
Option 5: available upon request


Decide (BT4L LIFE)

The Decide program goes further – much further – than Discover your North Star:

1. First it helps you discover your North Star
2. Next it shows you how to interpret your North Star into roles that allow you to thrive
3. Then it shows you, step-by-step, how to identify a version of your life that allows you to thrive (and still pay the bills).

Click here to view full program details for the Decide program.


  • 10 weekly video tutorials
  • 10 weekly assignments (designing a version of the future you actually want to arrive at)
  • 10 live group coaching sessions with Caitlin Miller


1:1 program : $2,885 (£2,225)*
Small group program (4 people) : $785 (£600)*

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Discovering my North Star in the DECIDE program (BT4L Life) has made it possible for me to start my own business. Prior to meeting with Caitlin, I had been spinning my wheels for a number of years, not quite clear on what I wanted to do.  She helped me create a short- and long-term plan for my life and for my business that was genuinely thrilling, which I began to put into action right away.  Being accountable to Caitlin really kept me on track.  I highly recommend Caitlin’s coaching services to anyone looking for solid focus and the ability to get to the heart of an ‘other side of possible’ life or business challenge.

Stephanie Devine, Senior HR Director, Geron Corporation