to issue-bust: the ability to correctly identify and successfully
address any problem that is blocking or limiting progress.”

Perhaps more than any other breakthrough thinking technique,
issue-busting shows you how to replace the reality you’ve got with the future you want.

Whatever it is that you’re looking to transform – your business, your career, your relationship or your life – issue-busting will show you how. A robust process that produces instant results, it works whether the problems you face are chronic or acute. Issue-busting is a skill you’ll find yourself using all day, every day, for the rest of your life.

If you’re hired to issue-bust for a living, you could be forgiven for thinking you have little to gain from learning this tool. In fact, senior execs, scientists, engineers and other types of professional problem-solvers consistently benefit the most. Being paid to get results, they quickly realize the power of a process that enables them to raise not only their game, but everyone else’s too.

Issue-busting extends your problem-solving skill-set beyond your subject-matter expertise to provide a process you can use in any situation to produce measurable, immediate results.

If you had told me we would transform the way we tackle issues in under three hours, I would have said that was impossible. We left the off-site with a real skill to take back to the workplace and use day in, day out. People are buzzing. Fantastic!

TB, SVP, Biotech

issue-busting for teams: draining the swamp

If you’ve ever wondered what turns the white water rafting experience of being in a start-up into a swimming-through-mud experience of later years, it’s issues.

Left unidentified and unaddressed, issues slowly choke the effectiveness, passion and potential of an organization.

What are issues? And why do they go unaddressed? More importantly, how can you empower your people so that they can drain the existing swamps that are threatening progress – and prevent others from forming?

These are the questions that Draining the Swamp answers. In as little as 4 hours you and your team will emerge with a powerful issue-busting formula under their belt that works every time and come out of the program with some genuine quick wins.

Programs take place virtually via video-conference around the world and in person (depending on location).

Draining the Swamp is one of the most popular off-site topics for teams. It can be offered as a stand-alone module or integrated into an ongoing in-house leadership development program. Its impact is multiplied when taught as a real-time coaching program.

issue-busting for individuals: getting unstuck

When things are not moving in the direction (or at the pace) that you want, issue-busting is the breakthrough thinking technique that you need. Issue-busting will reveal the real source of the problem and provide a way through it.

Issue-busting is appropriate for any situation. No matter how complex or acute the situation has become, issue-busting will show you the way through.

You can use issue-busting to:

  1. Resolve a difficult situation at work
  2. Reduce, eliminate or avert drama at home
  3. Understand why you’re not doing something you feel you ‘should’ be doing
  4. Drop habits that are holding you hostage
  5. Figure out the real source of your unhappiness (and address it)
  6. Transform relationships in general – or one in particular
  7. Reconcile what you say you want with the (lack of) action you are taking
  8. Put an end to procrastination once and for all
  9. Get a project or business on track (and keep it on track)
  10. Set goals that you commit to and actually achieve

Take your Issue-Busting Skill-Set from Good to Great

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