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The following list of programs are currently available to clients. Programs may also be viewed by category.


Programs that are currently available for accreditation can be found on the Become a Coach page.

If you are interested in becoming a client or in becoming a BT4L-accredited coach, get in touch.

“Breakthrough Thinking for Leaders provided me with the tools, framework, and sense of urgency to achieve game-changing results that, at the outset, seemed truly ‘other side of possible’. Working with Caitlin has reawakened my dreams and given me the tools to make them happen.”

“Caitlin is a master at what she does: in just a few short sessions I witnessed every member of my group (some of whom I would have previously labeled ‘unreachable’) develop a laser-sharp focus and overall ‘unstoppableness’ against which obstacles stood no chance.”

Jason Sager MD, Sanofi-Aventis