discover your north star

Everyone has a North Star – a unique way of contributing to others that lies encoded deep within us. Discovering your North Star is the key to identifying the type of work you were born to do; and the first important step towards creating a life with meaning.

To unleash your North Star, first you need to discover it. If you’re still wondering what you want to be when you grow up (and even if you’re not) this one’s for you!

3 x 55 minute coaching sessions weekly via videocon or telecon (includes video tutorials)

What an eye-opener: Discover your North Star was the key to identifying how to make my existing career path more fulfilling (without tearing it up completely). It feels good to have finally cracked the code and it’s changed my plans for the future.

Jonathan M

issue-busting 101

Issues: they sap your energy, force you to slog, and stand between you and your goals. Don’t let the title fool you: there’s nothing ‘basic’ about this introduction. Register for issue-busting 101 to gain access to foolproof breakthrough thinking techniques that give you the power to address any issue, anywhere, anytime. Because you’ll be working on actual issues, expect to leave this power gem with a phenomenal new skill set and some very real quick wins.

Issue-busting 101 contains a systematic process for cracking any issue. It’s revolutionized the way I deal with obstacles of every kind. Wish I’d found it sooner!

Hilary G

advanced issue-busting

Got a gnarly issue that seems too difficult, intransigent or far-reaching to bust? Together we’ll take your issue-busting to the next level by mapping out the crocs, wrestling them to the ground and tracking the metamorphosis that happens as you activate your plan.

Program prerequisite: issue-busting 101

This program takes your issue-busting to a whole new level. So glad I did it. My confidence has soared: I feel ready to tackle any challenge.

Chris F

how to make the right decision

This introduction to whole-brained decision-making is light on the wow and heavy on the how. Come armed with an important decision you need to make anduse it to learn how to make the right decision, every time, at high speed.

The decision you bring to the table can be in any area of your life (career, health, relationship, business) – and, yes: you can bring more than one!

Really delighted: I got to focus on actual decisions I needed to make. I highly recommend this program: it contains game-changing information and powerful techniques that guarantee the decisions you make will be the right ones.

Vince W

leave the drama at the door

Nothing sucks time, energy and productivity like drama.

In this power gem you’ll come to understand the real cause of drama. (It’s not what you think). You’ll also learn how to avoid it, stop it in its tracks and prevent it from arising in any situation.

If you’re ready for a drama-free life, as well as a cool pair of x-ray specs that reveal what’s really going on when people get together, this power gem’s for you.

Caitlin says this program gives you x-ray specs, and it does. My new understanding of what makes us tick helps me to defuse drama, head it off at the pass, and help others to do the same.

Catherine G


Closing out one chapter of your life can be more terrifying than it is exhilarating. Step-by-step, we’ll identify the sources of your anxiety, come up with a plan to address them and swing into action to ensure a safe passage from the life you currently have to the one you really want.

If you’re already in transition, about to transition or currently thinking about it, ‘leap!’ is the power gem for you.

If you’re looking to move into a new job, new career, or new life, Leap! will give you the clarity, confidence and motivation to make it happen.

Marit D

getting to yes

Compromise: we’re told it’s the grown-up thing to do; but compromise is a cop-out – an automated response that results from not knowing what else to do.

Compromise should be your last resort, not your first. In this potent power gem you will discover why compromise is unnecessary – and how it actively inhibits the forming of genuine agreements. Developing the ability to guide all parties to a genuine, un-half-hearted ‘yes’ is a critical skill no leader should be without.

Getting to Yes has transformed my ability to reach agreements in situationsthat seemed impossible. If, like me, you’re sick of always compromising, this program is for you.

Lee Y

pro-cras-ti-nate no more

Procrastination: the silent killer of untold dreams and best laid plans. Try to override it (without really understanding it) and you’ll fail. If you’re ready for something new, ‘pro-cras-ti-nate no more’ is it.

Using breakthrough thinking, you’ll learn to quickly recognize anddismantlethe root cause of procrastination before it disables you. Then practice, practice, practice to put it back where it belongs – the past.

‘Eye-opening’ is the word that best describes this program. I am using the techniques I learned daily with amazing results. This is the only piece of work I’ve done that has got to the root of the problem.

Renee N

relationships that rock

Relationships can make a heaven out of hell, or a hell out of heaven and any outcome worth creating depends heavily on the input of others.

In this people-focused power gem you’ll gain a deep understanding of what makes people tick; learn how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations; and understand what needs to happen to create ‘willing followers’. Use these techniques to make an average relationship zing or a dysfunctional relationship sane.

Prerequisite: leave the drama at the door

“The techniques Caitlin teaches make complete sense. More importantly, they work. I’ve been using them both at home and at work with great success.”

Jessica B

How to create meetings that people want to attend

Meetings are the #1 consumer of time in a professional’s workweek. More often than not, they’re frustrating, boring time-sinks that deplete energy, stifle innovation and curb creativity. Altering what happens during a meeting inevitably impacts what happens in between.

Learn to upgrade the way that meetings are run – regardless of who owns them. Transform lackluster forums into engines of growth that keep everyone on their toes (not just at the meeting but outside it too).

Mighty Meetings gives you the skills to turn blah or average meetings into awesome events you want to attend. It’s not just for meetings you own. I highly recommend.

Rob W