healthy, happy you

‘healthy, happy you’ focuses on what’s currently limiting your health and wellbeing – or threatening to. Sleep patterns, stress, diet, illness, exercise, emotions, mind-whirr, lack of space: together we’ll identify and prioritize what needs to happen and use breakthrough thinking to shift the patterns that are keeping you stuck.

If you’re not making the changes you know you ‘should’ make, or could do with a helping hand to find a way through,this power gem is the one for you.

Like many professionals, my poor sleep patterns were beginning to have a knock-on effect. This program lives up to its name: I’ve already made great leaps in the right direction and am motivated to keep going.

Denise V

introduction to meditation

What is meditation? How does it work? What are the benefits? How do you actually do it? You’ll get to ask your questions … and then you’ll get to meditate.

We will start where you are.Are you curious? Is this your first encounter with meditation (or the first in a long time)? Do you need help turning it into a daily practice? To go deeper into the silence that exists beyond the mind? Wherever you are, we start there.

Note:this is a non-religious practice.

An interesting, non-religious take on what meditation is and how to do it. I am more focused, more energized, more confident, more clear.

Judy D

everyday leadership

In this introduction to leadership you will discover a practical, universal definition of leadership that explains why leadership is as relevant in the bedroom as it is in the boardroom. Discover what leadership really is, how to do it, when to do it, and why it’s got little or nothing to do with management. Learn how to create the ‘willing followers’ you need to make things happen and complete practical, relevant assignments that will develop real leadership power. A must for anyone committed to living their life on purpose.

Caitlin is the first person I’ve met who talks about leadership in a practical way that I can a) understand and b) apply in my daily life. Everyday Leadership has taken my leadership game to a whole new level, effortlessly.

Vivek P

communicating for results

How do you remain in control without controlling or giving way? How do you successfully negotiate with others when your agendas don’t match? How do you bridge an impasse? How do you get people to do what they said they would do? How do you elicit the very best from people (instead of the worst)? How do you speak so that others take you seriously?

Through the use of practical real life exercises, we will review your progress, finesse your understanding, address the breakdowns and celebrate your wins.

This program interrupted an autopilot I never knew I had. The conscious strategies I’ve learned have raised everyone’s energy (including my own). My productivity has gone through the roof. What I didn’t bank on was the fact that my workday would get more enjoyable.

Amy M

envisioning the future

If you’re serious about creating a future that’s fundamentally different from the reality you have today, you need to be 100% clear on where ‘there’ is.

This is true whether the future you have in mind is personal or professional in nature. In ‘envisioning the future’ you will use whole brained decision-making to identify the future you really want 5 years, 3 years, 1 year from now. And you’ll leave with a fire in your belly to make it happen. Promise.

I registered for this program because I needed to reduce the time I spend on day-to-day management. I’ve already put into play strategies that allow me to do that. Outstanding.

Ed C

from stressed to strong

‘from stressed to strong’ has nothing to do stress management and everything to do with its elimination.

Instead of focusing on the many symptoms resulting from stress, you’ll learn to identify and address the factors that are generating the stress in the first place.

Stress is evidence: an indisputable sign that one or more aspects of your being (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) are in need of urgent attention. Together, we will find the answers. Be prepared to be surprised!

Despite the funny title the program packs a punch – probably because it’s taught by someone who knows what it’s like to be in the trenches. I have madesome incredible shifts in record time. Raising my leadership game was the key to everything improving. Highly recommend.

Ian W

stealing time

Got a project you’re passionate about, or something you want to do? Frustrated at how little progress you’re making because your time keeps getting gobbled up? Then this is the power gem for you.

In ‘stealing time’ you’ll learn how to claw back the time you need from business as usual or life as usual and funnel it into the projects and goals that matter to you.

Warning: this is not a traditional time management program. If you’re looking for that, this isn’t it!

If you’re at a crossroads of any kind, Deciding What’s Next is for you. I am confident I have made the right decisions, and excited about what’s next.

Sandeep B

the power of presence

When you speak do people listen?
Can you command attention in a room?
Are you comfortable in silence?
Convey confidence and vroom?

Today it’s common knowledge that the way you speak – not what you say – is what really matters most. In just a few short sessions you will quickly learn to access and embrace the authentic inner you; and to convey it when you speak in service of your goals.

The seemingly simple exercises we undertook had an astounding, tangible effect upon the entire group in a matter of minutes. The results were profound.

John L

hiring and firing

How do you hire the right person? And how do you let them go– graciously – if it isn’t working out? Who you hire and how you fire has massive implications for the performance of your business. If hiring or firing is up for you right now, you can’t afford not to do this power gem.

Gain startling clarity; eliminate time sink; learn to take care of everyone’s needs while still remaining in control; transform the way you hire so that you never fire again.

*but still adhere to all necessary corporate protocols

The breakthrough thinking techniques I learned have radically altered who I hire and how I hire them. I’m clear that if I use them I won’t need to fire anyone ever again.

Andre B

managing up, managing down

The way you manage your direct working relationships can spell the difference between a workweek that’s under control and one that’s not.

How can you manage your direct reports without it taking so much time? How can you transform your relationship with your manager to make it better in ways that count? Those are the questions this power gem addresses.

Bring your challenges to the table and watch the time-sink slow as your leadership grows.

I learned some great strategies for managing my work relationships that, rather surprisingly, are also highly effective at home! Everyone is more effective, more productive and happier as a result.

Jenna S